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cpsm是著名的c.p.m.项目的升级项目 也是将过去30年成功的认证经验用于今天全球供应链环境的进一步扩展。

the cpsm qualification will enable professionals to gain a clear understanding of their organization's supply operation and enable managers to take an active role in critical decisions.each step in the development of an organization's products and/or services is controlled by supply management.current evolution of the profession dictates that a strategic level qualification is needed for professionals to effectively implement innovative supply strategies throughout their entire organization.the cpsm will be a milestone for those professionals who take ownership of their careers.surveys indicate those will professional designations report higher annual compensation than those without certification.pursuing your cpsm qualification is your chance to leverage your knowledge and experience into career advancement.
organizations have communicated to ism that they value the c.p.m. as evidence of a solid baseline of purhcasing knowledge.the cpsm qualification will also recognize individual competencies in the broader area of supply management.the cpsm will emphasize major segments of the supply management profession;holders of the qualification will attain a greater understanding of their organization's supply network and have the skills to make more accurate and profitable decisions.
three years of experience in supply management (full-time;professional;mon-clerical,non-support)
bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university(or the international equivalent)
successful passing of the bridge exam with a valid c.p.m.or successful passing of the three cpsm exam